World Policy Institute – Projects

The World Policy Institute, a non-partisan source of progressive global policy analysis and thought leadership for more than four decades, focuses on complex challenges that demand cooperative policy solutions to achieved in an increasingly interdependent world: an inclusive and sustainable global market economy, engaged global civic participation and effective governance, and collaborative approaches to national and global security. Broadly defined, this work includes the preservation of democratic values, the protection of civil rights, the advancement of tolerance, fairness, and the rule of law, and the support of a capitalism tempered by social justice. Current WPI programs include:

Arctic Deeply

Emergent Cities

The Water-Energy Nexus

The 12×12 Project

Fireside Research

The Walter Eberstadt World Economic Policy Program

World Policy Journal


Past projects include:

American Grand Strategy After September 11

Building Global Democracy and Human Rights

Cuba Project

Counterterrorism Project

Global Economic Architecture Project

Global Information Society Project

Hispaniola Dialogue

Immigrant Voting Project

Russia Project

Arms Trade (now Arms & Security)

Privatization of Foreign Policy

Shared Global Prosperity Project