World Policy Journal Spring 2001 – World Policy Institute


Volume XVIII, No 1, Spring 2001

A publication of the World Policy Institute at New School University

Why Do They Kill? The Basque Conflict in Spain
Paddy Woodworth

The Dilemma of Dirty Money
Lawrence Malkin and Yuval Elizur

Illusions of the Second Nuclear Age
Robert Jay Lifton

Ending the Nuclear Nightmare: A Strategy for the Bush Administration
Jim Wurst and John Burroughs           [Full Text & Discussion]

Eisenhower’s Warning: The Military-Industrial Complex Forty Years Later
William D. Hartung                             [Full Text & Discussion]

The Fires of Faith in Central Asia
Ahmed Rashid

China’s Fledgling Civil Society: A Force for Democratization?
Rebecca R. Moore

In from the Cold: A New Approach to Relations with Russia and China
Robert S. McNamara and James G. Blight

Race, Tribe, and Power in the Heart of Africa
Bill Berkeley

Hindu Nationalism Clouds the Face of India
H. D. S. Greenway                             [Full Text & Discussion]

German Halftime: Power Hobbles Yesterday’s Rebels
Paul Hockenos 

Prosecuting Dictators: International Law and the Pinochet Case
Susan Waltz

“One Hell of a Gamble”
Karl E. Meyer                                    [Full Text & Discussion]