World Policy Journal Winter 2004/05 – World Policy Institute


Volume XXI, No 4, Winter 2004/05

A publication of the World Policy Institute
at New School University

World Policy Journal

James Chace, 1931¦2004

  The Editors
  A New Outlook for the Atlantic Alliance
  Bob Kerrey
  Europe: Paradise Found?
  Mark Gilbert
  “Great Vote, Grisly Resultï: Europe‘s Reaction to the Reelection of George Bush
  Godfrey Hodgson    
  Central America‘s Free Trade Gamble
  Daniel P. Erikson
  Globalization and Its Contents
  Peter Marber
  China‘s Response to the Bush Doctrine
  Peter Van Ness
  The Palestinian Intifada: An Effective Strategy?
  James F. Miskel
  Hurting the World‘s Poor in Morality‘s Name
Barbara Crossette
  Expanding Our Moral Universe
Donald W. Shriver, Jr.
  Divining China‘s Future
Scott Kennedy
  James Chace: A Lost Voice for Sanity
Nicholas X. Rizopoulos
  The Sack of Mesopotamia
  Karl E. Meyer  
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